Qualkommando (Germany)

Qualkommando is a Terror and Speedcore Project from Germany established in 1997, based in Hamburg and Munich nowadays.

Within 20 years on stage we have been releasing a lot of records on USN, Kopfkrank Records, Speedcore Records, Headfuck Records, CSR, Brain Distortion, Brain Destruction Recordz, Megarave Records, Rotterdam Records, Hellbound Records, Shit And Noize Art, Underground Forever Records, Mascha Records, Outlaw Records, Speed Beats Records, Dehumanize Records, Special Forces, Doomsday Records, Terrornoize Industry, T.I.T. Records and much more…

Also we have been playing on events like Fuckparade, Ground Zero, I Hate Trance, Beter Kom Je Niet, Hellbound, Ik Ben Je Bitch Niet, Rigormortis, Resident E, Earthquake, Noizy Bastards, Hard-2B-Core, Be3Die, Hardcore Extremis, Hell Or Heaven, Friedlich Feiern, Death To Our Enemies, Proud 2 Be Hardcore, Doomsday and many many more…

Komprex (Italy)

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GFB - Gabba Front Berlin

Gabba Front Berlin (Germany)

Gabba Front Berlin (also known by just by their initials, GFB) formed in the mid nineties after originally meeting up a few years previously in a Berlin nightclub named Bunker.

GFB (Gabba Front Berlin) produces music in a wide range of harder electronic styles and is known for intelligent hardcore and speedcore. Since the late nineties they are puplishing their music and are playing livesets at underground parties and big events across Europe like: A Nightmare in Germany, Better Kom Je Niet, Brainfire, Defqon.1, Doomsday, Earthquake, Footworxx, Friedlich Feiern, Fucking Bastards, Fuckparade, Ground Zero, Hardshock Festival, Harmony Of Hardcore, Hell or Heaven, Hellraiser, Ik Ben Je Bitch Niet, Klangkrieg, Mayday, Megarave, Noisekick Events, Nordcore, Pandemonium, Pokke Herrie, Power Of Techno, Q-Base Festival, Raving Nightmare, Resident-E, Sommer-Sonnen-Wende, Speedrazor, Summer Spirit, Syndicate, Time Tunnel, Toxicator, Tresor.core and more …

Voldo (Sweden)

Started making Hardcore and Speedcore in 1997 using Fast Tracker II. Originally became a member of United Speedcore Nation in 1999 and had a few tracks released on Hate System. Scancore Records was the first label to put Voldo on vinyl, through the split eight tracker “Our World” in 2001, followed up by another vinyl release on Scancore, “The New Race” in 2002. From here Dj Voldo has put out tracks on Masters of Hardcore, Thunderdome, Terrornoize Industry, Cerebral Destruction and other labels. The alias “Voldo” was killed off by himself in 2017, but when a request from United Speedcore Nation to join again reached him, Voldo is now back!

Noizefucker (Netherlands)

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Terrorbunny (Russia)

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Lawrencium (France)

Artist, compositor of hard electronic musics. He began his musical adventure very early under the i2 nickname. Fascinated by extrem sounds and the speed, he starts his project Lawrencium to go beyond bpm counters. With Einrich 3600, they think about the possibility of the surdimmensional sound the « Extratöne ». Suffering from the hardteck and frenchcore in France, he is one of the first french speedcore live act to join the european line ups. His first track was published by the swiss label Mascha Records in 2001. His music, powerfull and combined with Noise, shocked the minds and ears. His « No Important » cd proves there’s any boundaries in music.

In 2006, he created his own label Destruction on which he signed a split with AIDS as the first vinyl release, the countdown is started !

He appears on different labels such as Notek, Decoupage, Ultra Brain Dance,, Mascha records, K-net, Viral Conspiracy, Entity, Cyber city, Speedcore worldwide, guter cvnt, Atomic Annihilation, Splatterkore, Metal + Metal, Eppo records, Fistula …

Quato (Poland)

Born 30.12.1983 in Łódź. Fanatic of hardcore sound since his first Terrordrome album in 90s. From 1998 he produces hardcore music, mostly terror and speedcore. He published his tracks in his own label “Devastation”. From 2002 he begins djing in Europe. In 2006 his track appeared on BDR-Vinyl02 vinyl by Braindestruction Records. After few years of abscence he returns to being active party of and plays at underground parties in Poland.

Nekrosystem (Italy)

Nekrosystem ( Valerio Di Masi ) is a producer from the south of Italy who started his Terror/Speedcore project in 2010.

Since 2013 Nekrosystem has released EP’s, albums and singles for many labels and a lot of the collaborations he made are with the biggest names in the Hardcore/Terror/Speedcore scene.

Together with Muisz van Gemert he started a label in 2016 called “Speedcore Italia” doing releases and events.

The party in Germany ” Deadtown ” become a true special event for all Terror and Speedcore lovers from all Europe.

Since January 2017 he joined Terrordrang Booking Agency and at Noisekick’s Terrodrang events the Speedcore area is hosted by Speedcore Italia called Deadtown area.

In February 2020 he released his full album “ Chaos and Terror “ , eleven tracks of pure terror & Speedcore , with some Ft. tracks: Wattie ( Singer of the Legendary Punk band Exploited ) , Dj Plague (CSR), Komprex, Redogre, Devastation . Plus two rmx by Klereherriekrew and Mr.Q8.

At the moment Really proud to be part of USN is busy with some new tracks and always ready to go harder, faster and stronger than ever !

Occulkot (Poland)

Born in 1985, maniac of black metal, synthwave and speedcore. From first Mordownia active member of our group, supporting it with SoundSystem. At the begining he only participaid in parties as an fan, then as a DJ and in 2017 he released his first track at Speedcore World Wide album. He has large archive of unreleased music from hammering speedcores to psychodelical melodic splitters.

Damage Machine (Germany)

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Cenobit (Germany)

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E605 (Germany)

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The CTRL (Scotland)

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Cynoirb-me (Germany)

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C.T.O. (Italy)

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