USN Black Friday 2021

USN Black Friday 2021 OFFERS

only today on Black Friday we have 25% Discount on all Items in our Merchandise Shop. Just activate the Button for the discount on the top of the shop (

Also we have some more Discount for you. In our normal USN Shop we offer you following Items the omplete weekend till Cyber Monday;

Exteriton – Analepsis : 5 Euro (down from 10)

Speedcore Culture 01 : 8 Euro (down from 12)

USN 05 2×12″ : 20 Euro (down from 27,90)

USN 05 CD : 7 Euro (down from 10)


Also we have some Digital Items lowered for the Weekend in our Bandcamp Shop. (

USN 06 Open the Hellagte – 7 -> 5 Euro
USN 05 Speedcore und Terror für alle – 9 -> 6 Euro
Speedcore Culture 01 – 10 -> 7 Euro


Speedcore Culture 3 & USN 08 Pre-Order

Speedcore Culture 3 & USN 08 – PREORDER now


06-12-2021 … this is the date for our 2 new Releases.

First is coming up our next Vinyl after that long Pressing Times at the Moment. USN 08 contains 6 great Tracks. Also there is coming up the next Release of our Speedcore Culture Series … and i promise an unbelievible CD-Release.

More Infos for both on the individual Release Page 🙂

Speedcore Culture 2 out now

Speedcore Culture 2 – out now


Speedcore Culture 2 is now available. A full CD with 16 Tracks from Qualkommando, Noizefucker, Damage Machine, ANC, Voldo, Lawrencium, Task, Infared, Infamozz, Cenobit, Fruity 6 and MG139 aka Chemodeath.

Dont miss this Pearl with all kind of fast Tracks from our Members and Guest-Tracks. Now available in our Shop.

Happy Birthday Discount & SC2 Pre-Order

1 Week Discount & Speedcore Culture 2 Preorder


From now till 18/06/2021 we have a big Discount in our USN-Shop. After me getting end of next week 45 (Soccer Half-Time) I decide to make a bigger Happy Birthday Discount. This is the chance for you to get our Releases as cheap as possible.


Also, we started today the Pre-Order of the new CD Speedcore Culture 2 . This Release is full with 16 great Tracks and will be released on 21/6/2021. Preview-Video and Tracklist will coming up in a few days. If you use the Discount and Pre-Order we will send out all together. Only Discount Sales directly on next day.

USN 07 – out now !!

USN 07 – Preorder now

USN 07 is out now !!! 2 Days earlier than we wanted but I must move it to now after first Shop is selling it. But thats good for you 😉
The Release containing 6 Tracks from Qualkommando, Damage Machine, C.T.O., Nothern Terrorists & E605, Quato and The CTRL  …

out now : Exteriton – Analepsis

07.03.2021 – out now: Exteriton – Analepsis

a new CD is out now … a Mix dedicated to the old Times of USN. 69 Tracks full of Speedcore & Terror. Maybe 3-4 mixes in the first minutes are not so well but overall a very nice Mix to honour all those great Artists and Tracks which makes USN to that what it is today … Thank you all for the great old Time. More Infos about the Release in the Release-Section

NNS Broadcast – USN

07.03.2021 – NNS Broadcast presents USN

Dont miss this Date !!!! No New Style presents on his really great Broadcast Series our Label. This Sunday late afternoon and evening we will give you out a huge ammount of great new Sets . Exactly timetable will be presented a few days before the Event on Facebook (Event-Page from NNS).

From our Acts are includuded Sets from: ANC, Gabba Front Berlin, E-605, Quato, Cenobit, Voldo, Qualkommando, Terrorbunny & Cynoirb-me. Also there will be something special from Exteriton for this Show … more Infos will follow next week about that.

Me myself must thank Gigi La Mendola very much for the great work he make with NNS and give us the opportunity for this Event. Also dont miss his awesome 06:30 long  Presentation-Video which is really awesome (FB-Link). Thanks also to LK-47 for the Medley of the Promo and Andrea Ferraresi & Dario Pezzini for the Artwork and Project streaming. Also Thanks goes out to HCM for making another great Medley. Thank you all so much

USN 06 – out now


USN 06 is out now and available in our Shop. Get your copy and dont miss this unique 6 Track Sampler
The Release containing 6 Tracks from Damage Machine, Qualkommando, C.T.O., Noizefucker and 2x Cynoirb-me   …

Speedcore Culture 1 out now

Speedcore Culture out now

Speedcore Culture 1 is out now!!!! We are proud to present the official successor of our old Hate System CD`s. In this Series we bring you many Tracks from our Members and Guest Tracks. We are always open for great music and this Time we want to thank Xasverion to be a Part of it.
15 great Tracks are awaiting you … including C.T.O., Damage Machine, Cynoirb-me, Qualkommando, Voldo, Noizefucker, The CTRL & Smoker, Cenobit, Nekrosystem, Xasverion & Occulkot

Speedcore Culture Preorder & USN 06 News

Speedcore Culture 1 Pre-Order & USN 06 News

The Pre-Order for our new CD-Series has started. Speedcore Culture !!!! Pre-Order in our Shop is now open (Pre-Orders get 2 different stickers for free)
15 Tracks from our Members including 1 Guest-Track from Xasverion.
About USN 06 … normally i want to release it together with this CD on 1/1/21 (for saving shipping costs for you) but there seems bigger problems in most press plants. Get today the Mail that the delivery is now in week 08/21 – so i decide after so much more time to release the CD alone. But as good Info – USN 07 is also on its way to press and so i hope that this will be coming maybe 6-8 weeks after USN 06.

USN presenting 4 new Members

USN presenting 4 new Members

USN is growing. We are proud to announce that 4 Members joined our Project as Full Members. Be prepared for their insane Sound in the Future.


Proudly presend to our Team : E605, The CTRL, Cynoirb-me, C.T.O.

USN 05 out now

USN 05 out now

Our first Release after the Comeback is now available. Check the Trailer and grab your copy now in our Shop. Its a 2×12″ Vinyl, CD and a Slipmate available. The Vinyl is limited press.
Also, the Release is available in many digital stores … like iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Juno and more … check your preffered store if it is there for sale.

USN 05 Trailer & Preorder

USN 05 Trailer & Release Date


here it comes 🙂 Our USN 05 Trailer is now online and the Release Date is set.

USN 05 will be released on all ways (2×12″ Vinyl, CD, Digital & Slipmate) on 15.09.2020. You now get the chance to Pre-Order in our Shop and get your copies of them.

Also we hope you like the Sound / Design.

USN presenting Quato

USN presenting QUATO


We proudly present our 8th Member. Welcome Quato !!! For Presentation we give you a Video with him playing live. Track 1,3 & 4 are his own – Track 2 in this Video by DJ Mutante. Enjoy the Sound and we cant await for releasing new Stuff from him.